Vocal Track

Vocalists work in Solo Vocal Performance, Vocal Jazz Ensembles and Songwriting (optional). Solo Vocal Students receive daily coaching as they develop repertoire while working on tone, phrasing, style and improv. The Jazz Choir rehearses and performs stylistically varied repertoire. Songwriting students create and perform original pieces. A faculty combo accompanies all vocal jazz performers and select vocalists will have opportunity to perform with the festival studio band.

Electives for Vocal Track Students (These will be chosen the first day of camp. We will help you structure your camp schedule):

  • To enrich your vocal abilities, you can choose from Solo Vocal, Jazz Choir, or Songwriting

  • To explore another genre, those who play instruments can choose from Jazz Combo, Trad Jazz, or Crossing Borders electives.

  • Private lessons are available for an additional $25 per 1/2 hour lesson. Students can take a maximum of 2 private lessons.

Vocal Track Auditions:

On your first day of camp, your instructors will meet with you to determine how they can make camp enjoyable and challenging for you. That means that they will need to hear your voice and know your capabilities. They are skilled at working with a variety of voices and skill levels. It is not necessary to be a polished singer.

Here’s what will happen when you meet with your instructor in the Choral room:

  • You will work with Greta Matassa (solo vocal instructor) to select a solo song (or songs). You will do this right away, so you can get right to work on Monday.

  • You will work with Brennan Baglio (director of the Jazz Choir) to determine voice range and quality.

  • You will need to be ready to sing a song of your choice. So - choose something ahead of time and build confidence with a little preparation.

On the first day of camp, check-in will be followed by a general meeting at 2:00 p.m. Your audition will begin shortly after that meeting.

Vocal Track Faculty (click here for alphabetized faculty bios):

  • Greta Matassa, Jazz Vocalist

  • Brennan Baglio, Singer and Songwriter

  • Camille Bloom, Singer/Songwriter

TOTAL Tuition: $495 ($100 Deposit) The deposit is required to complete registration.