Instrumental Jazz

Jazz Bands rehearse and perform traditional and cutting-edge charts from the jazz band repertory. Jazz Instrumentalists are enrolled on the basis of audition into a Jazz Band or the Let’s Rock! Ensemble (see the Let’s Rock! track description). The morning offers master classes, workshops and sectional rehearsals for all instrumentalists. Development of improv skills is emphasized. All groups participate in concerts throughout the week. 

Elective Options for Jazz Instrumental Students (These will be chosen the first day of camp. We will help you structure your camp schedule):

  • To gain comfort as a combo musician, and to work more on improvisation, you can choose Jazz combos, Crossing Borders electives, Let’s Rock, or Jazz Lab

  • To explore another genre, you can choose Trad Jazz (New Orleans Style), Jazz Choir, or Songwriting

  • Private lessons are available for $25 per 1/2 hour lesson. Students can take a maximum of 2 private lessons.

Jazz Instrumental Audition: On the first day of camp, your first meeting with your instructors will be for the purpose of placement. In order to determine the specific band that will be most enjoyable and challenging for you, this requires an audition. These take place in faculty studios/classroooms. The room number for your Jazz Instrumental audition will be announced at the 2:00 general meeting on the first day. Following the general meeting, you will go to your audition room.

To be ready for audition, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Approximately 2 minutes of music that best displays your full abilities on the instrument. (This music can be all or a portion of a solo piece, etude, study , or any other music of your choice that gives a good idea of your level of play.)

  • Two major scales, ascending and descending

  • Optional - you may perform a short improvisation sample.

  • You will be asked to sight-read a selection.

Faculty for Instrumental Jazz (click here for alphabetized faculty bios):

Greg Hopkins, Trumpet, Jazz Band

Ed Donohue, Trumpet, Jazz Band II

Nick Biello, Saxophone

Larry Holloway, Bass

Jon Mutchler, Piano

TUITION TOTAL: $495 ($100 Deposit) The deposit is required to complete registration.