Instrumental Jazz

Jazz Instrumentalists in the morning are enrolled on the basis of audition into a Jazz Band or the Let’s Rock Ensemble*.  Jazz Bands rehearse and perform traditional and cutting-edge charts from the jazz band repertory. The Let’s Rock Ensemble is made up of rhythm section players who explore the works of rock, blues, latin and other contemporary and jazz forms. The morning also offers master classes, workshops and sectional rehearsals for all instrumentalists. 

 *Note:  Placement in Jazz Bands and Let’s Rock is by audition.

However, rhythm section players (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) who prefer to play in the Let’s Rock program can notify teachers during the audition process on opening Sunday. 

 Jazz Instrumentalists achieve a comfort level as combo musicians by playing in a combo and in a jazz lab in the afternoon. The afternoon also offers an opportunity to play in a traditional jazz (Dixieland) ensemble. 

Development of improv skills is emphasized. All groups, large and small, participate in concerts throughout the week. 

TOTAL: $495 ($100 Deposit)